Creating an Online Store

Selling apparel with your logos and colors is a great way to build support for your teams and raise funds for your organization. The best way to stay organized while remaining profitable is to create a way to sell apparel online. Depending on the complexity of your offerings, we have two different solutions that we recommend!

Option #1: Third Party Online Store

If you plan to have different apparel options, sizes, colors and want to ship directly to your customers, then we'd recommend setting up a third party online store. 

If you are a volunteer run program and don't have a ton of time on your hands, you should find a vendor that will handle the printing, shipping, and pricing for you. Check out a few of the most popular online apparel store solutions below. You can even create free accounts on a few platforms to find the vendor that works best for you-

Once you've set this up - you can then add the link directly to your Jersey Watch website.

Option #2: Create an Order Form Through Your Website 

If you only have a few items that you would like to offer and plan on hand-delivering them at events, you can create an order form through your website using the basic registration format. If you've never set-up a registration program before, we'd recommend checking out this resource first!

You can label your form "[Team Name or Mascot] Merchandise Order Form" so it's easy to locate.

You can add questions to your registration form for purchases like extra t-shirts, hoodies, or any other gear you want to sell to players. The dropdown, price-modifying question type will allow you to set-up questions that change the overall price of the form when an answer is selected:

If you're offering an item that has variations of size or color, you can also include dropdown or paragraph questions to get the necessary details for the order:

You can add as many items and questions for each item as needed. Once the purchaser has chosen all wanted items, they will be able to input their card information and pay for the merchandise. You can then distribute the merchandise at the next in-person event so the purchaser can rep your team spirit wear!

We'd recommend using the direct link option to add the form to your top navigation. This will help parents and community members find your apparel offerings quickly.

If you're still in need of assistance or have any other questions, please send us an email to!

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