Creating New Pages

Pages store content on your website. Jersey Watch allows for several different types of pages specifically built for sports organizations. Pages can be listed at the top navigation of your website, or within folders on the top navigation.

You can create new pages on your website by logging into your account and clicking "My Pages" on the left side of the screen.

On "My Pages" click "+ New Page". You can also click the "+" button next to a folder to create a new page within a folder.

Next, select the type of page you'd like to create:

  • Team - Add details about each player on the team, include a group photo, and write a description about the team
  • Schedule - Organize games, practices, meetings, or any other event at your organization
  • Staff - Post a list of coaches, board members, committees, or anyone else important at your organization
  • Direct Link - Allows you to point a page to a different website, or open a document from the "Downloads" section in a new tab.
  • Custom - Gives you a blank slate to post text or images. Custom pages are useful for mission statements, tryout Information, and testimonials, to name a few. You can also embed items in these pages like GameChanger, Google Calendars, and more!

Once the page is created, you can move, edit, or delete it by going back to "My Pages".