Adding Sponsors to your website

You can add value for your organization's sponsors by adding them to your website. It's quick and easy to upload the sponsor logos and websites so that each sponsor gets recognition. 

First, go to your homepage and make sure you are in 'Edit' mode. Then scroll to the very bottom and click 'Add New Sponsor.'

Next, click the 'Add Logo' button and upload the sponsors logo.

Next, add the name of your sponsor, and the link to their website, When you've entered all information click 'Add Sponsor'.

Continue adding new sponsors, editing, or deleting sponsors at any time. You can list as many sponsors on the website as needed. When on the front page in 'Preview Mode,' you will see the sponsors listing along the bottom.

Click the "Sponsors" heading along the top, and you will be directed to a dedicated Sponsors Page for a better view.

Have a particular sponsor that needs extra recognition? You might want to include them in the slideshow on your homepage by clicking the "Slideshow" button on your account.

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