Adding Images to your Slideshow

The slideshow appears on the homepage of the website when visitors arrive from a desktop or tablet. It can be adjusted at any time, and is a great place for action photos of your teams or important announcements.

To edit your slideshow, login to your account and click the "Slideshow" button on the left side of the page.

Next, click the "+ Add Slideshow Image" button to add new images. You'll want to do your best to add horizontal images - they will fit better than tall, vertical images. If you are uploading a picture that doesn't have the ideal width-to-height ratio, no worries! You can crop the image before adding it to the slideshow, so you can decide exactly how to fit it. You can also add a caption to the images like "Register online now!" or "Games begin soon!"

On mobile phones, the slideshow will not appear when the phone is held straight up and down. This occurs in order to make more room for your News Announcements and main menu items. If you have a phone that can transition into landscape mode by turning it sideways, you will then be able to view the slideshow.

You can add a maximum of 8 slideshow images on your website an any time, and they can be deleted or the caption can be edited at any time!

Let us know if you have any questions about the Slideshow by sending us an email at