Using a Direct Link Page for Downloads

The direct link page template allows you to point a page to a different site; but, did you also know you can link a page directly to a file in your "Downloads" section? If there is an important document you want your website visitors to have immediate access to, such as a printable schedule or a waiver release form, you have the ability to create a page that takes them directly there.

How to Directly Link a Page to a Download

  • Upload a file to the "Downloads" section. This can be done by clicking the "Edit Home Page" tab on the left side of your dashboard, then selecting "Downloads".

  • Click the "Upload File" button, select your file, name it, and click "Create. Once the document uploads, click on the name of your file. It will pop open in a new tab. * The document will need to be in PDF form to open in a new tab. Otherwise, it will download directly to the computer instead.

  • Here, highlight the entire URL in the address bar and copy it.

  • Return to the previous tab and click on "My Pages." Once there, click "+ New Page," type the name of your page, and select "Direct Link" from the dropdown bar.

  • Paste the URL into the box and click "Save." 

You now have a tab in your navigation bar that sends visitors directly to the document when clicked!

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