Adding Documents to a Page

You can create hyperlinks on a page that take visitors directly to a file in your "Downloads" section for easy navigation.

  • Access the documents page and click on the name of your file. It will pop open in a new tab. * The document will need to be in PDF form to open in a new tab. Otherwise, it will download directly to the computer instead. Here, highlight the entire URL in the address bar and copy it.

  • Return to "My Pages" and select the page for which you want to include the hyperlink. Once there, type whatever text you would like to grab people's attention. Highlight the text you just typed, and click on the chain link icon in the toolbar above. 

  • You will then see a pop-up box with a section for you to paste the URL. Next, click the "Target" tab and set it to open in "New Window (blank)." This will open the document in a new browser tab and also keep the current one open.

  • Click "OK" and save the page, and you now have a section of text that will take you directly to a document when clicked!

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