How to Use the Scheduling Feature

Scheduling games, practices, and events can be tough, but we have a feature that is going to save you some time and effort. The Scheduling feature allows you to create individual schedules, add/edit events, and build a master schedule simultaneously. Here's how it works:

Getting Started

On your admin page, click on the "Scheduling" tab on the left side .

After clicking on the tab, you will be taken to the main hub for every aspect of your sports scheduling. A master schedule of all of your events, across all of your individual schedules, will appear before you as -All Events-. From here, you have the option to either create a new schedule (+ New Schedule) or add an event to an active schedule (+ New Event).

Creating a New Schedule

When you click + New Schedule and type in the name, a new schedule page will automatically be created on your website. You can access this individual schedule and move its location on the site by going to the bottom of My Pages

Creating a New Event

You can add new events to existing Schedules by clicking the + New Event button. When the box pops up, you can enter the event title, date, time, location, and result. At the bottom, you can select which individual schedule page you'd like to add the event to. Any newly created event will also automatically appear on -All Events- (the master schedule).

Deleting/Editing a Schedule or Event

If you ever need to delete/edit a schedule or event, first select the schedule from the dropdown box. For the entire schedule, you can either edit the schedule name by clicking the pencil icon to the right, or delete* the whole thing by clicking the trash can to the right (green and red boxes, respectively). The same instructions apply for editing and deleting an event.

* As a reminder, the -All Events- calendar cannot be completely deleted since it is the master schedule

Scheduling On-The-Go

Do you need to update a schedule, but aren't near a computer? No worries! The Scheduling feature is available in its entirety on mobile devices. Just log in to your website from your phone or tablet, click the Menu button in the top left, and select the Scheduling tab.

Have any more questions about scheduling? Send us an email at