Creating and Managing Tags

"Tags" are groups or lists of people in your organization that you can send messages to. Tags can be teams, board members, divisions, and more...

Tags allow you to send Announcements to specific groups of people. When you post an Announcement you simply select the tags that you would like to receive the message, and Jersey Watch will send the message to those people.

One person can have more than one tag attached to them. So for example, if someone has a child on the Blue Team, the Red Team, and is a Board Member, their contact information could be connected to tags titled "blue team", "red team", and "board members".

Creating new tags

Tags are automatically created for each Registration Program. So if you have a registration program called "2018 Spring Registration", everyone who registers for that program will automatically be stored under the "2018 spring registration" tag in your Contact Manager.

You can also create new tags yourself by going to the Contact Manager and clicking "+ New Contact". When you create a new contact, you can add an existing tag that you already have, or create any new tag. When you create a new tag it will be added to your list of tags at the top, and can be used for any new contacts that you create.

Editing Tags

You can also edit the name of a tag any time. For example, say you have some old tags called "2017 Blue Team", "2017 Red Team", and "2017 White Team" and it would be better now to just have those tags combine into one tag called "2017 participants" because you don't need the individual team tags anymore. You can easily change the name of tags by clicking on the tag in the Contact Manager and clicking the Pencil Icon. Once you change all three of the tag names to "21017 participants" all three tags will be combined (see the quick video below as an example).

Questions or feedback about tags and how they work? Send us a message at any time.