How Payment Plans Work

Payment Plans make it easy for participants to pay their program fees in installments. 

When participants check out you can give them the option to Pay In Full or to select a Payment Plan. If the participant chooses to use the Payment Plan, they'll be automatically charged on the dates that you set. You can even set your initial installment to $0 to allow participants to register and be charged for their balance at a later date.

Participants will also receive email notifications to remind them of their scheduled payment.

For example, your program might be $1,230 for the season. With Payment Plan enabled, your participants can break this up into installment payments that you determine. You can set it up so they pay $0 upon registering, and their card on file will be charged $410 on Scheduled Date A, $410 on Scheduled Date B and $410 on Scheduled Date C. 

Ready to give registrants more options at checkout, read more on How to Set Up a Payment Plan.

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