Adding a Photo Album

Your photo albums are located along the right side of your website toward the bottom. This is a great place to post photos of games, events, and other fun moments during the season. And now you can add photos to any of your albums from the front page. 

First, make sure you are in 'Edit' mode.

Once in 'Edit' mode you just need to click the 'Edit Photos' box above the first row of photos.

Select the "+ New Photo Album" button in order to add your photo(s).

You will then be promoted to name your album. Just type in a name that is descriptive of the photos you will be including and click 'Create.'

Next, you will select the "+ New Photo" button. You will then choose the photos from your computer that you want to add to this album.

You will see your photos displayed on the screen for your review. From this screen you can chose to add more photos, click a photo to give you the option to delete it, or click the cross-hair icon in the upper right corner in order to rearrange the photos within the album.

You can now find you photos on the front page in the bottom right corner.

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