How to Invite and Remove Admins

Inviting Admins

You can quickly invite an Admin to your website directly in your account. They will have access to all areas of the website, including registration, the ability to send emails and manage contact lists. 

To invite new Admin just click "Settings" in your account. On the next screen you can click "Invite New Administrator". Next you'll just type the name and email address of the new Admin and click "Invite". Once you invite the Admin they will receive an email invitation with instructions to se their password and login.

By default your account will have a limit of 5 Admins. If you need more than 5 Admin accounts please send us an email to with their Full Name and Email Address. Our team can send them an invitation.

Removing Admins

Account Owners can remove Admins by clicking the "Remove" icon that looks like a trash can next to the Admin's name. If you need help replacing or adjusting the Account Owner please send us a message at

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