Multi-Registrant Discounts Overview

Offering discounts to parents or guardians who register more than one athlete can help keep costs down for families. Below is more information about how the discounts work as well as how you can set them up through your account.

How Multi-Registrant Discounts Work

When a parent registers an athlete, they are required to create an account on the website. This account's email address is used to keep track of their registration history and will help determine if they qualify for future discounts. If a program has a discount in place, the parent/guardian will see this information on the registration form in the Payment Section: 

Once they have registered the first player, they will see the discount automatically applied when they register the second as long as they are using the same account. Below is a screenshot where the above $50 discount has been applied:

Setting up Discounts Online

We recently released the ability for admin to create multi-registrant discounts directly through their account. Prior to that, only our team had access to do this! You may see previous discounts created in your account for this reason.

Follow this link to see how you can set-up discounts on your own > How to Set-up Multi-Registrant Discounts

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