How to Invite a Candidate to Complete a Background Check

It just takes a few minutes to invite new coaches and volunteers to complete a background check. First, make sure you've completed the initial background check setup. Once you're approved to begin background checks, follow these steps to invite new candidates.

Step #1: Navigate to Background Checks

Login to your account and click "Background Checks" on the side navigation.

Step #2: Invite Your First Candidate

Click "Invite Candidate" using the blue button. 

Step #3: Select Your Payment Method

Choose who is paying for this candidate's background check. You can either have the candidate pay with a card or choose to have your organization receive a monthly invoice. Once selected, you can then select between a $10, $20 and $30 invitation. We provide recommendations within your account on how to choose a package.

Important Pricing Note
If a candidate's report at the national level comes back with a criminal “hit” it will need to be checked at a county level. Most counties don't have a fee but if they do, your organization will receive an invoice at the end of each month. You can click here to view more information.

Step #4: Fill Out the Candidate's Invitation 

Type the candidate's full first name, full last name and email address then click Invite. Your candidate has now been invited to complete their background check! Be sure to remind all of your candidates that their invitations have been sent to their email and that it just takes a few minutes to complete. 

Candidates will be asked to verify their email address, provide their basic information and submit their payment (if that option was selected). Once they complete this process, the status of the background check will be available within your account on your website!

If you're still in need of assistance or have any other questions, please send us an email to!

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