Creating a New Program

Creating a Program is the first step to opening Online Registration on your website. First, login to your account and click the "Online Registration" tab on the left side of your admin page. Next, click "New Program".  

Programs can be to register to play in your league, player registration to try out for your teams, team registration for tournaments, and more. One the New Program page, you can first enter the basic information about your program, including Title, Price, and the First and Last Day of Registration. 

Jersey Watch will automatically tell you how much money you'll receive after processing fees. If your program is free, simply set the price to $0. Program Details is an optional field that allows you to add a sentence or two that describes your program.

Next, select whether you'd like to create a "Player Registration" Program or an "Other" Program. Player Registration programs should be used if players are being registered to play in a league or event. Some default fields are added to a "Player Registration" program, including Player First and Last Name, Player Gender, and Player Date of Birth.

"Other" programs are used when teams are registering, coaches are registering, and other forms when you don't need to know information about a player. The only default fields for an "Other" programs are First and Last Name, Email Address, and Mobile Phone Number.

Next, you can add custom questions to the form (like Uniform Size, Playing Experience, Volunteer Opportunities, etc.) You can select from four different types of questions:

  • Text Field - the answer will be entered in a small box and will just be a few words. This is best for simple questions that have many different possible answers, like "Player's School". People registering will be able to type anything into the box as their answer.

  • Multi-Line Text Field - the answer will be entered in a large box and the answer can be several sentences. This is best for more complex questions like "Please list notable medical history and explain issues that coaches should be aware of."

Dropdown - the answer will be selected from a list, and only one choice can be selected, and there are a limited number of options. This option is best for questions like "Player's T-Shirt Size".

Checkboxes - the answers will be selected from a list, and more than one choice can be selected. This option is best for questions like "Select any areas you would be willing to volunteer".

Once you've added your questions, your program will automatically open on your website on the "First Day of Registration" that you have set. If you ever need to edit your prices, information, or questions, you can always go back to "Online Registration" in your account and edit your program.

Once you've set up your form, you can also "Duplicate" your program if you need to create other programs with similar custom questions.

Questions about creating programs or need help? Just send us a message at